The Local Charitable Giving Programme

The Local Charitable Giving Programme financially supports a local project each year in the city that is hosting the International AIDS Conference or the IAS Conference on HIV Science.

Conference delegates have the option to contribute to the programme when they register. They can choose an amount to donate by ticking a box on the registration form (USD 5, USD 15, USD 25 or USD 50). The funds collected are transferred to the organization or programme after the conference.

GAP-VIES has been selected for the AIDS 2022 Local Charitable Giving Programme

The mission of the Action Group for the Prevention of the Transmission of HIV and the Eradication of AIDS (GAP-VIES) is to prevent the transmission of HIV and help people affected by it in the general population and the Haitian community and sub-Saharan African communities in the greater Montreal area in particular. GAP-VIES does the following:

  • Educates, raises awareness and prevents the transmission of HIV, as well as hepatitis C and other sexually transmitted and blood-borne infections.

  • Supports people living with HIV and/or hepatitis C and their loved ones.

  • Promotes sexual health.

The donations collected during AIDS 2022 will go to strengthening activities of this support network, part of a culturally appropriate health programme for people from countries where prevalence of HIV and hepatitis C is high.

By contributing to the AIDS 2022 Local Charitable Giving Programme, you are helping the GAP-VIES achieve its goal of extending prevention.

For AIDS 2020, the AIDS 2020 Local Charitable Giving Programme raised USD 4,695 thanks to delegates’ generous contributions. The IAS matched this amount dollar for dollar, which meant that the programme donated a total of USD 9,390 to the Native American Health Center.